5 projects to makeover your home and living spaces

It’s not long until the kids are back at school; we’re ready and excited for a new year and a new start. Naturally, it’s the perfect time for a little home improvement!

Perhaps you’re ready for fitness at home all year round, and are looking to set up a workout station in the spare room. Or maybe you’d like to style your coffee and side tables like an interior design pro, or keep things organised with handy storage solutions. 

No matter what you have in mind, you can get ready for the year by restyling, refreshing and reorganising at home. Here are our fresh ideas and advice  to get you started!

How to create a fitness station for at-home workouts

How to create a fitness station for at-home workouts

A half rack with barbell supports is key to any strength training program. This will set you up for squats and deadlifts.

A weight bench is a must for the classic bench press move, and this versatile piece of equipment can be used in a variety of exercises, such as core and cardio workouts.

A set of weights and dumbbells are essential for any home gym set up. These weights balance your barbell and can be built up as your strength improves. From a push press to weighted lunges, there are dozens of challenging exercises that you can do.

There is plenty of new, impressive cardio equipment on the market. Equipment that can also be used to build muscles by setting a resistance level. Cross trainers and rowing machines are the standard in any home gym. Why not try the latest technology, such as the newest Assault AirBike or a treadmill with a curved running deck? 

Set up your home office to create an enjoyable working space

Set up your home office to create an enjoyable working space

Like many, you may have created a makeshift home office last year assuming you’d be back in the workplace full-time by 2021. As perceptions of working from home continue to change, it’s a great time to review and revitalise your working from home setup.

First things first, an ergonomic home office chair. You can spend at least seven hours of your day sitting in this chair, so it’s as important as investing in a good mattress. Find a suitable chair to support your back and spine. Look for one that is easy to adjust to your height and set up. 

Our Centre is stocked full of desks to suit your working style. You could even consider a standing desk that allows you to sit down or stand up as you work. 

Adequate lighting isn’t always easy in a room that was never intended to become an office. A task lamp will add the extra lighting you need to focus on your work.

Style your coffee and side table like a pro


To make your space appear bigger and brighter, add a glass coffee table. This modern coffee table design is chic and amplifies any decor you use to style the table.

A beautiful rug under a modern coffee table is like adding the perfect artwork to a frame. A stunning natural rug will balance a contemporary look, or a neutral, organic colour will suit any home. We are also loving the trend of bright colourful rugs with abstract shapes – artwork in itself.

There’s something magical about a stack of classic books sitting on a coffee table or side table. There are plenty of attractive coffee table books available to spark interest and conversation. Pop a coloured glass vase on top or try a sculptural candle for added style.

If your coffee table is already full, add a new buffet and matching sideboard. You can style these beautifully with lamps, photo frames, vases, flowers and art for varying heights and layers.

Organise your home with these must have storage solutions

Organise your home with these must have storage solutions

There are plenty of furniture pieces that double as stylish storage solutions; couch bases, coffee tables, ottomans and beds can also act as smart storage units.

If you don’t already have a great buffet or sideboard, consider adding one to complete your dining room and integrate a new storage solution.  Style it beautifully and enhance the room by adding lamps, flowers, books and art.

But who says storage must hide things away? A ladder shelf is an attractive addition for home organisation. Floating shelves also offer added storage without overwhelming a room.

Makeover your bedroom with this season’s trends and colour palette

The bed is the heart of the bedroom and immediately draws the eye. Cane or rattan bedheads are made of beautiful natural material, offering a chic organic touch.

Set the tone for the whole room with warm colours in the duvet cover. From cream to radiant yellow or burnt orange, these desert hues will make your bedroom a welcoming oasis.

While you’re refreshing your bedding, consider the last time you replaced your pillows. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to replace them every 1-2 years. And if you’re looking for extra comfort, check out the latest in mattress toppers and underlays. Easily create an airy base that helps you sink into a slumber.

A tall vase filled with soft wheat grasses adds a natural touch and acts as a dynamic piece of decor to enhance the desert theme. Consider a beautiful macrame wall hanging for that final touch.

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